As a Google advertising agency, we will help you boost your company’s engagement with customers by advertising on Google. Being the world’s largest search engine with a Pay Per click advertising system, you are guaranteed visibility both in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and the rest of provinces. Google has developed a system called Adwords to help you market your company in the Google search engine. When people search for keywords that are related to what your company offers, your advertisement will appear on the side of the search engine page.  As agency we create adverts that are appealing to your target audience. People click on those ads and are able to connect to your business. As an advertising agency we assist you with the entire process to help you reach new customers and grow your company.  Our Specialists use pay-per-click technology and you only pay when people click to visit your website.


Start Google Advertising Today with A Free R600 Voucher when you spend minimum R200 on your campaign.


  • Instant Results

    It can take months to get ranked on Google and PPC bridges the gap by bringing visitors instantly.

  • Control Your Spend

    Control your spend by setting your limits and keeping your finger on your budget all the time.

  • Be Found

    You can be found for a wider range of keywords than you can achieve with SEO.

Our Process

Initial Setup

Define strategy and targets, Account setup, Conversion tracking setup, Campaign setup, Billing setup.

Keyword Research

You can’t set up a PPC campaign without picking the target keywords carefully. These are the phrases searchers would use to find your site and must be relevant. These are organised into groups and sub-groups of like phrases which form the basis of the individual ads that make up your campaigns. Our Google AdWords Specialists use a range of tools to build these lists and regularly review them in light of results.

Landing Page Optimisation

It is proven that more visitors convert to customers if the ad takes them to a page relevant to their search rather than to the site’s home page

Write Ads

The way a PPC ad is written has a major influence on its success in drawing relevant visitors. Where possible we make sure the ad should incorporate the keyword searched for; it needs to accurately portray what is on offer to limit paid visits to interested parties only.

The greatest success in PPC comes from methodically working on the ads to improve both the click-through rate and the conversion rate.

Traffic Measurement

We cannot assess the success of your Adwords PPC campaigns without measuring the results. i.e how many visitors you get, where they come from, what they searched for and which pages they viewed. We look at specific actions on the site, such as entering an enquiry or placing an order, and track the visitors who bought or enquired right back to their origin.

On Going Support

Once all is set up, as defined in steps 1 to 5, your site enters the support and promotion phase. We agree objectives with you for the growth of the site. This might be expressed as numbers of visitors, numbers of enquiries, order value or a combination of these depending on the characteristics of your business.

We then as an advertising agency regularly monitor, change and test the ads so that we achieve constant progress towards the objectives. We also identify new opportunities for increased traffic and advise these to you as they emerge.

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